WordStreamer is a speed reading app for your Windows Phone. WordStreamer works on the principle that our brains only process text when our eyes are not moving. WordStreamer simply streams text a set number of words at a time, at a rate specified by you. Because your eyes are not traveling from line to line and across the page, you are able to process the text much faster.
You'll be at 480 words a minute in no time by simply pressing 'speed up' to increase the rate at which the words are displayed.
A fully featured trial version of WordStreamer is available on the Windows Phone Marktplace.

  • Want to fly through some books on the go? Stream them!
  • Found a long article online? Stream it!
  • Need to cram for your big exam? Stream your notes!
  • Download featured items or save text straight from your clipboard.
  • Take advantage of bookmarks to save your exact position and settings.
  • Built-in RSS Reader with featured feeds.